Patrick Michael Jolly
Shortly after learning to babble, I began singing. Perhaps it was my mother who served as the example, because I can not remember a day when she was not singing around the house. For whatever reasons, singing became a natural expression for me. Throughout elementary school and into high school, I sang in choirs, in church, and for different occasions. I bought my first guitar at the age of fifteen and was soon writing songs to abate my adolescent melancholy. The call of music had captured my heart, and I graduated from the University of California at Sacramento with a Baccalaureate Degree in Music, with an emphasis in Voice. I also earned my teaching degree.

After several years of teaching music for Kindergarten to twelfth grade, and giving private vocal lessons, private guitar lessons, and conducting church choirs and community choirs, I felt the need to further my education. I graduated from the University of Southern California with a Masters of Music in Vocal Arts. The call of music was stronger than ever, but the call to teach had become mute.

I have sung professionally through many venues: cantata, oratorio, opera, and concert situations, including performances in Germany. I am now committed to being a perpetual student - of life, singing, and God's Truth. Since moving back to Carson City, Nevada, I have stopped teaching of all kinds, in order to release the music within me that seeks expression.

In October 1989, I was introduced to the Unity movement, and was hired as the Music Director/Soloist for Unity Church of Today in Gardnerville, Nevada. The Unity philosophy resonated harmoniously with my soul. I began writing songs based upon the Unity teachings combined with the music that bubbled forth from my heart. Eventually, I wrote the "Twelve Power Songs" (based upon the book by Charles Fillmore, co-founder of the Unity movement), songs for the Beatitudes, and many other songs for general and specific occasions.

It was a dream come true for the "Twelve Power Songs" album to be produced. It was only through the generous donations of friends that this project could become reality. I am deeply appreciative to all who helped make this dream materialize. I have completed another compilation of songs that I love, including a few originals, and loosely structured them into an collection I call I Need to Be Still. It is dedicated to my wife, Mary, for her constant support and love, and to my children Shaun, Daniel and Rebecca for their inspiration. Another compilation is entitled This Is the Moment, which is more inspirational and non-sacred. There is also a Christmas collection entitled O Holy Night.

Over the past ten years Spirit has nudged me to do more public speaking. I have been guest speaker/soloist at several Unity Churches throughout the western United States. I acquired a non-denominational Ministerial license and in 2004 I became the Minister of the Genoa Community Church  in Genoa, Nevada.  As a non-denominational  minister, I am free to teach the message that Spirit whispers to my being.  Visit the church website here.

I am coming to realize that my purpose in life is threefold:

Through the combination of a powerful voice, powerful music, and a powerful message:

1.) To awaken people's heart centers.

2.) To help people feel God's loving Presence.

3.) To raise people's awareness that there is much more to themselves and the Universe than they have presently experienced.

I acknowledge that it is God who supplies my gifts, and it is my greatest intention to allow Spirit to express through my music, whether it is through sacred music, an operatic aria, a popular song, or my own creations. If someone finds himself in a "different spot" after hearing me sing, only then do I consider myself truly successful in my intent, for I have let God shine through me. If they are awakened to a heightened awareness of God within, I am supremely fulfilled: the Spirit of Christ has sung its sweet message to their longing soul. For me, there is no greater service or more worthwhile pursuit.

Peace, Light, and Love be with you!


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